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Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas to reduce Holiday Waste

Christmas is right around the corner and you still haven’t wrapped your gifts? Are you looking for more sustainable ways to celebrate the holidays? Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Saying goodbye to traditional wrapping materials and swapping them out for more environmentally friendly alternatives is crucial to cut down on holiday waste. Keep reading to find our 5 sustainable gift wrapping ideas for this season - your guests will absolutely love them!


 In Japanese culture, presents are wrapped in traditional furoshiki fabric wraps, so why not implement it as your gift-wrapping technique? These wraps tend to be reusable, biodegradable and zero-waste alternatives to traditional wrapping materials. They also come in a wide range of different designs, perfect to match the person you’re gifting your present to :)! They are washable fabrics designed to make gift-wrapping a swift process that takes no more than 5 minutes. Your gift recipients will love the gift twice as much as they’ll be able to use the fabric to wrap other gifts, as a table cloth or even as wall art!


      2.   NEWSPAPER

 We’re all victims of having old, good-for-nothing newspapers lying around. Take this as an opportunity to get rid of them and use them in a sustainable way - best of all is that they’re free! Their minimalistic style allows them to be used for wrapping the most formal of presents, and you’ll be doing the environment a favour. This is your chance to upcycle old scraps into new opportunities, and as we like to say at MANOLA, sustainable opportunities are endless. 



 For those of you who don’t like the idea of newspapers to wrap your gifts - we get it, it’s not for everyone! Paper bags are the perfect alternative for you. They are eco-friendly, recyclable and can be given a personal touch by decorating them with hand-written messages or drawings. Make sure to use biodegradable tape to seal them together and voilà, your guests are going to absolutely love them. We also recommend adding natural festive touches (like a tree branch or small pinecones) to make them even more special and even better for holiday wrapping.



 Do you have an overload of tote bags lying around? We’ve been victims of them too. Not to worry - this is your chance to use them for an even better purpose. Not only are they one of the easiest ways to wrap presents (place your present inside them, wrap a bow at the handles and you’re good to go), but the person receiving your gift will also thank you for giving them a 2 in 1 present :)! Oh, and have we mentioned that they’re super sustainable? The circular process and high quality materials of wrapping bags means that they will be used for years on years before they fall apart. 



We’re well aware that you must have tons of old shoe boxes lying around. Why not get rid of them by using them to wrap your christmas gifts? These work exceptionally well for when you’re in a good mood and decide to give numerous, smaller gifts to the same person. Let your creativity shine through by decorating them with different patterns and colours, and why not add a little bit of sustainable glitter. Save yourself money from buying a new box and save the planet by recycling and reusing an old shoe box!


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