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The Top Athleisure Trends this Winter

There’s never a better time to re-center and have a post-summer glow-up as the Winter months. From taking care of your skin, mental health, fitness and lifestyle choices, there is never a wrong time to up your self-care game and finally focus on you. Looking your best comes from feeling your best - although finding the right workout fit can be a total nuisance. At MANOLA, we want to encourage you to bring out the goddess within you through our top athleisure trends that will be making a statement this winter - pieces that will make you look your best and feel even better!

1.Oversized sweatshirts

Who isn’t a fan of sweatshirts? Make them oversized and they’re just a dream come true. Our ICONICA SWEATSHIRTS come in seven different colours (Coconut, Bluemarine, Green, Chocolate, Roasted Tomato, Dark Green, Grey), each fit for different personalities and occasions - you’re guaranteed to find your perfect fit. The comfiest material ever made from PYRATEX sustainable and organic cotton, with an oversized fit to match your winter energy and keep you warm. Oversized sweatshirts are truly a must have this winter, and our bestseller ICONICA is guaranteed to be the best one out there. 


 2.Seamless leggings

We hate to repeat ourselves but - a good workout must start with great activewear. You might want to keep yourself a little more covered up in the winter & that’s definitely alright - but leggings will continue to be the star of your workout outfit, whether you like it or not. At MANOLA, we have seven colours available in our CORE LEGGING collection, all of which are made with ECONYL, delivering a premium experience through their breathable and recycled fabric. Oh, and have we mentioned they come in seven different colours so you can find the most perfect one for you? Pair them with our ICONICA SWEATSHIRT above and you’ve got a match made in heaven!


3.Sports bras - but make them chic

Just because sports bras tend to be covered up in winter doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be just as cute. At MANOLA, we don’t discriminate and so we have upped our game and delivered eight different sports bras so you’re guaranteed to find the most flattering design for your body type. From pioneer designs that come with sleeves to sexy and romantic tops designed to empower you during your workout, and from the brightest colours to more discreet ones, we want to make sure that each and every one of our MANOLA souls finds comfort in us. Want to know the best part? Our sports bras are the cutest but they never compromise support, so that you can work out in the prettiest yet most comfortable way. 


4.Socks in stock

Socks are a must year-round, but high socks become an essential in the winter. Our MANOLA socks come in white and are simple and basic - but they couldn’t be more perfect. Combinable with absolutely every piece of all our collections, you won’t be able to get enough use out of them. Fabricated with 100% cotton, our socks are designed to reduce soreness and prevent blisters following physical activity. You won’t even want to take them off around the house (& we don’t blame you for it). So, what are you waiting for?


5.Bold colours

At MANOLA we are known for playing with colours. From the brightest of blues to the most calming of beiges, our MANOLA souls love us for our range of shades. This winter especially, bold colours are in style and we have the perfect staple pieces for you to add to your wardrobe. Our FW21 GYM Collection comes with four colours that are guaranteed to make you fall in love all over again. Our Deep Blue and Wine Purple pieces offer an elegant and classy look, perfect for pilates at 9am and brunch at 11am. Our Green Army and Makeup Rose colours are for the daring - all of your fellow gym members will be so obsessed they’ll either want to kill you or be you. Feeling more courageous than usual? Trying mixing and matching these colours for the most unique and beautiful look. 


6.Sustainability is the new black

We’re all aware that climate change is happening and the fast fashion industry is definitely not helping. That’s why, this winter more than ever, we encourage you to support sustainable and local fashion brands that are truly making a difference to the planet. At MANOLA, sustainability is the core of our DNA - using ECONLY and PYRATEX materials, both completely sustainable and recycled fabrics that will take the guilt away from buying yourself an xmas present - because at the end of the day, you deserve it more than anyone! And is there anything better than buying gorgeous yet sustainable activewear? We honestly don’t think so… 



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