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Which ICONICA Sweatshirt is the one for you?

Do you love our ICONICA SWEATSHIRTS but you’re still unsure about which one you prefer? Do you want some advice on what to give your bestie, sister or brother, girlfriend or boyfriend, boss or the sweet lady down the street who helps you with your groceries? Do you want to thank yourself for another year around the sun by treating yourself to one of our stunning sweatshirts? Don’t you worry - you’ve come to the right place! We have prepared a guide for you based on different characteristics that we’re sure will help you pick out the perfect ICONICA :)



Our ICONICA SWEATSHIRT in dark green was an immediate yes from the production team at MANOLA. Do we blame them? I think we’re as obsessed as they are - if not more! This sweatshirt is a showstopper, an ideal for the outdoors.

This colour sweatshirt is ideal for the person who:

  • Enjoys being in nature 
  • Is an earth sign
  • Loves a good book (preferably science fiction novels, but will read just about anything)
  • Packs a picnic lunch - and never forgets the blanket




The chocolate-shade of our ICONICA SWEATSHIRTS is ever-so-dreamy for these colder months. Perfect to be worn inside whilst watching a Christmas-themed movie on a Sunday morning but will also keep you extra warm during outdoor activities. 


This colour sweatshirt will be the perfect fit for the one who:

  • Makes pancakes on sundays (with extra maple syrup)
  • Is a water sign 
  • Wakes up and does a 30-minute pilates classes daily
  • Pursues painting




The funnest ICONICA SWEATSHIRT of them all had to have a name that did it justice. Our ROASTED TOMATO ICONICA is here for a good time, it will make you stand out from the crowd (in a good way) and will leave everyone wanting more. 


The greatest gift for a person who: 

  • Loves a good sunset (would watch 365 sunsets a year if they could)
  • Is a fire sign (enough said about their personality)
  • Obsessed with rom-coms 
  • Goes to the museum for fun & wishes they could spend a night there too 




Last but not least, the classiest of sweatshirts has already made a strong impression on you all - our ICONICA SWEATSHIRT in Gray Melange. This simple yet stunning colour will follow you from 11am city brunches with friends to 7pm afterwork with your colleagues. Chuck a blazer on top and you look as good as new!


The ICONICA for you if you fit into these characteristics:

  • Goes for daily city strolls
  • Is an air sign
  • Crazy taylor swift fan (has probably listened to All Too Well: The Short Film about 10 times and cried every single one)
  • Matcha-obsessed (I mean, can we blame them?)


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