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Wellness Blog

5-Min Daily Habits to live your best life

In today’s world and with all the inputs we receive in our daily lives, it may seem hard to control your emotions. It’s also super easy to forget about those practices that truly matter to you and make you your happiest. Although both the definition of happiness and happiness itself do look different on everybody, there are certain ‘tiny habits’ that you can include in your daily life that have a high chance of increasing your overall happiness. Want to find them out? Keep reading :)


     1. Make your bed

You’ve heard it a thousand times but there’s definitely a reason for it. Making your bed gives you a sense of accomplishment and a confidence boost to start the day!


     2. Plan the day

Create a daily checklist in the early morning or the evening before, whatever works best for you. This will not only keep you organised but it will also help you prioritise tasks and be motivated to complete them!


     3. Don’t underestimate the power of affirmations

Focus on one affirmation at a time. Take the time to really process each one in order to mentally prepare for the daily tasks necessary to achieve that affirmation.


     4. Practice Meditation

Start by 10 minutes of focused breathing every evening. Once you’ve got the hang of that, start following guided meditation sessions to increase your stress management abilities and reduce negative thoughts.


     5. Dance it out to your favourite music

Dancing to good music is a simple way to let go of your stressors and truly live in the moment. It’s always an added bonus if the chosen song pumps you up :)


     6. Call your friends & family

Reaching out to a loved one you haven’t spoken to in a while can be very comforting. Catch each other up and offer support through ups and downs.


     7. Never skip your skincare routine

Not only will your skin be super radiant, but you will also find this ‘me’ time therapeutic. Maybe incorporate a Jade Roller and Gua Sha to your routine for a complete spa-like experience.


     8. Eat your favourite nutritious meal

When was the last time that you ate your favourite foods and they didn’t cheer you up even a little bit? High-fiber grains help your body release serotonin - the best feel-good hormone ever!


     9. Read

Okay, we get it. You might not be the biggest book lover - but hey, that’s okay. We do encourage you to try it out for 5 minutes though! Not only has reading been linked with stress-reduction and increased focus, but it’s also great for learning new things that can help you in your everyday relationships!


     10. Stretch, Rest & Reflect

End the day with a good total body stretch to untighten your muscles and improve stiffness. At the end, put yourself in your most relaxing position and take 5 minutes to reflect on the day. Questioning things when you’re in a positive mindset is the best way to learn and grow.


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